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A Global Graduation!

Throughout the eighties, Apostles Doctors Christian and Robin Harfouche traveled extensively conducting miracle working schools of signs and wonders, training and equipping believers for the miraculous.  While returning from a trip to South Africa, the Word of the Lord came to them with an assignment, to raise up a global supernatural miracle working army 400,000 men and women equipped for the greatest revival and the end-time harvest of souls.  In the year 1994, International Miracle Institute , a bible education center, dedicated to the integrity of the Word and the power of the Spirit opened its doors. Graduating over 100 students in its first year and producing the revolutionary and unique International Miracle Institute correspondence training program, IMI took off.  Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche not only ministered at the institute, but also brought the correspondence course with them all over the world as they went preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and holding schools of signs and wonders - leaving behind their supernatural training curriculum for each believer they reached who wanted more, who wanted to learn their authority and who they were in God so that they could stand strong for the word and combat the adversary wherever he may be found. Fifteen years, fifty seven correspondence modules and multiple buildings and extension schools later, International Miracle Institute continued growing exponentially with total graduating students reaching to and past 100,000 believers strong.

In the year 2009, the simultaneous launch of IMI Live and the Sponsor an International Scholarship program promises to take IMI to new heights, giving us not only the ability to reach the entire world simultaneously, but also to provide powerful bible educations and impartations to those who truly need them - ministers and church leaders all over the world.  In the first year alone we graduated 1801 students in 89 nations. In the following year we received a supernatural multiplication, graduating over 4000 students in 161 nations.  At this time, our mandate to train and equip God’s end-time army of miracle workers is reaching optimum proportions - ever increasing in it’s experience of the Words’ promise of compound harvest.  We are on the spiritual accelerated pace of divine education and revelation as we minister, feed, train and teach the people of God world-wide, breaking the bread of life to impact their region and their nations with the expression of the victory of Christ that will succeed in populating heaven with the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen.

This supernatural year, God has blessed us with an unprecedented student body that bypasses all expectations.  Hailing from 216 different nations we would now like to congratulate our 2011 global student body of 25,064.

We have only just begun.

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  1. David kordorwu says:

    I am more than excited to hear what God is doing in your ministry. It is my prayer to one day be part of a graduating class. keep firing up for our Lord would soon appear. God bless you richly

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