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Emergency Prayer


Now is the time for prayer like never before! The shipment of medical supplies is scheduled to arrive within the next 48 hours. Please pray with us that it will be unhindered in reaching its destination. Wounded people crossing over the Syrian border need help right now. Email to let us know you're praying with us during this pivotal time.

Also, pray and ask the Lord what He would have you give toward this strategic-divine mission.

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7 Responses to “Emergency Prayer”

  1. Lord I am praying for this shipment . In Jesus Name. Father I am asking for an angelic entourage of great might and strength. Lord Your warring angels to protect this shipment. Lord that the enemy spiritual and natural- That, Lord You will blind them, that You will block them, that You will hinder them. Lord I prsy that this will be unhindered and the You personally would have Your mighty Hand on this. Lord , that just as You showed Elishas servant the Chariots of fire that were guarding them. Lord, I’m asking that You show the Harfouche’s the awesome intervention Your doing in the realm of the spirit for them. I say yes, Lord! This is according to Your will. You said if we asked according to Your will. We could consider it done. Thank You Most High God , that You have also released the Sword of The Lord against any enemy, and this shipment is in Your hand. No fow can withstand You, Lord. In Jesus Name Amen

  2. Joan Bright says:

    Father please help us. Let these medical supplies arrive safely at it’s destination without any hindrances.
    We ask for grace, favour and peace for the refugees in Lebanon.
    Thank you Lord for answered prayer in Jesus name! Amen

  3. Nadine Morrill says:

    Dear Ministry Friends,
    I pray the medical supplies will reach their destination, un hindered. No weapon that is forged against this mission will prosper. Let the angels of the Lord carry the supplies and let the supplies be annoited with Gods healing power in our precious Saviors name, Jesus.
    Amen amen

  4. Jerline Galloway says:

    Yes, I am praying with you. I am continuing on my assign hour of prayer for the 24 hour covering as well as through out the day.

  5. Pastor Cyndi Bell says:

    I am standing in agreement with Doc and Doc for the shipment of medical supplies to arrive tommorow, a day of destiny for these precious Syrian people who have fled to Lebanon. I prayed very early this morning and it was powerful..I was speaking in tongues and definitely was commanding the enemy to get out of the way because I felt it. The Lord is intent on His will being done in the matter! I will continue interceding. May God be glorified!

  6. desiree gulston says:

    i believe that he is the moost high god and will protect this shipment in jesus name.

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