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"I want to tell you that the Lord is in an accelerated mode of building and preparing his people for the greatest hour that he has in store – a prophetic hour that he has foreordained for us today!" ~ Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

In July of 2012 Doctor Harfouche, by the direction of the Holy Spirit, began to declare a supernatural cycle of prosperity... declaring that there would be an undeniably supernatural experience, now, evidently seen in the first quarter of 2013 and all throughout the next 8 years!

Now, what was declared prophetically, is being read as news headlines, and just like the ripple created on still waters when a stone is thrown, the ripple of this prophetic Word has begun to grow more and more, reaching out into the entire nation and into the world.

When terms like, 'the great recession' and 'economic crisis' were all that you could hear when turning to the media outlets in our nation, God began to speak to His prophets to deliver a Word, for faith in a different kind of future!

October 21st, 2012 - 8 Year Supernatural Cycle of Prosperity

"The Lord is going to give many of us connected to this word an undeniably supernatural experience now and evidently seen in the first quarter of this year."

"U.S. economy grew 2.4 percent in the first quarter...much faster than the 0.4 percent growth during the October-December quarter."

Pensacola News Journal - May 29th, 2013


The Florida Department of Transportation has offered the Pensacola International Airport a three-year, $11 million grant for infrastructure improvements that city officials say would would make the municipal airport a regional competitor for aerospace companies and other commercial investors.

"Our airport has great service and first-class facilities, but lacks the apron space and airside infrastructure needed to support the aerospace sector and other industrial applications," Mayor Ashton Hayward said in a statement.

"Pensacola International is in a great strategic position to support supply chain, aircraft maintenance, and logistics operations, and that translates into high-paying jobs and new economic opportunities." Read More

Pensacola News Journal - May 2nd, 2013


Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced $20 million in state funding for the Florida Gulf Coast Marine Fisheries Hatchery in Pensacola and several other environmental projects in the Panhandle as part of the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment project.

The hatchery funding is among $58 million in restoration projects statewide that were announced this morning.

"We're committed to restoring the environment and economy that families have relied upon in the Gulf for generations," Scott said."We will continue to work with our state, federal and local partners toward solutions that ensure impacted areas are revitalized for families."

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward welcomed the funding for a planned fish hatchery at the Bruce Beach site.

"This is a huge win for Pensacola," Hayward said. "This hatchery will be a tremendous asset for our community and our region."

Among the other funding announced today: about $600,000 for Perdido Key Boardwalk improvements and roughly $600,000 for Perdido Key dune restoration. Further, $11 million was announced for the Pensacola Living Shoreline project in Escambia County. Read More

Pensacola News Journal - April 10th, 2013


They're calling it the 1-10-20 plan. Navy Federal Credit Union is making a $1 billion investment in Escambia County. It expects to employ 10,000 workers. And they hope to have it done by the year 2020.

The next phase will take up to the next two years. Navy Federal plans to build another parking garage; also two buildings and a central energy plant. It's also going to add 1500 employees. Read More

Pensacola News Journal - April 10th, 2013


Escambia County School District and union officials settled on 2 percent across-the-board raises for the district's 6,000 employees Tuesday.

The raises are retroactive to July 1, 2012, and will cost the district about $3.5 million, Schools Superintendent Malcolm Thomas said.

"I know the economy is tough," he said. "We have not been able to give the kinds of raises people deserve or need. We have to live within our means. The economy's starting to pick back up, and we're in a position we feel we can offer the 2 percent."

The bargaining units also settled on contract language, as well as an additional 1 percent bonus for the employees on the top "step" of the salary schedule.

Teachers and staff members could start receiving their raises as early as May, pending employee ratification and approval of the School Board. Read More

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